The 12 Color Seasons: Winter and its Subsets

Winter Color Season

Suggested Pre-read: Before you jump into this blog, it's suggested that you get familiar with the Color Season Analysis, as covered in this blog.


The air is becoming cooler, the leaves are on the ground, and the nights are beginning to frost the windows. Winter is coming, and it’s almost time for people with the winter color season to be in their element. 

How do I Know if I’m a Winter?

Winters are cool-toned to neutral with medium to dark eyes like blue, icy hazel, brown, dark brown, or black, and hair colors such as dark brown, black-brown, and black.

The winter color season skin tones are cool, like fair, light, medium, tan, dark, and deep. Winters will usually have a much higher level of contrast between their features than the other color seasons. Many people of color fall into the winter color season. 

Got all the characteristics mentioned above? Try taking this quick 2-minute quiz to double-check your color season. 

Seasonal Color Analysis - Winter Palette

What are the Winter Subsets?

Like the other three color seasons, there are three subgroups of winter: bright winter, cool winter, or deep winter. Each one is different from the others, so be sure to read through each section to find out which one fits you.

Once you know your color season, you'll make much better color choices and have lesser buyers remorse.

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1. Bright/Clear Winter

Bright winters (also known as Clear winters) have the most vibrant features in the winter color season. Everything is very cool, including their eyes, which come in shades like blue, cyan, cool brown, or black. Bright winters have dark hair colors, like medium brown, dark brown, black-brown, or black. There are a wide variety of skin tones (all neutral or neutral-cool): fair, light, medium, tan, dark, or deep. Bright winter has the highest level of contrast out of the winter season.

Colors to wear and do makeup with: bright fuschias, intense blues of all shades, dark greys, black, and white.

Bright/Clear Winter Colors
Bright/Clear Winter Colors

Colors to avoid: Soft colors, earth tones, muted yellows, and browns.

Celebrities: Megan Fox, Camila Mendes, Alex Wek

Bright Winter Celebrities

2. Cool/True Winter

True winters are the coolest of the season. Their eyes have blue undertones in shades like cool blue, icy hazel, cool brown, cool dark brown, or black, and their hair is ashy or neutral in color, like dark ash brown, dark brown, cool black-brown, or black. Cool winters have skin with blue undertones: fair, light, medium, tan, or dark.  

Colors to wear and do makeup with: icy shades of pink and blue, clear greys, and cyans.

Cool/True Winter colors
Cool/True Winter colors

Colors to avoid: Dusty blues, yellows, oranges, and pastel pinks. 

Celebrities: Jamie Lee Curtis, Constance Wu, Jameela Jamil

Ture/Cool Winter Celebrities

3. Dark/Deep Winter

Dark winters have dark eyes and hair and either very light or dark skin. The eyes are cold-toned in colors such as dark hazel, dark green, dark brown, or black. Similar to the eyes, deep winters have very dark hair: medium brown, dark brown, brown-black, or black. Dark winter is the most diverse color season, with skin tones ranging from fair, light, medium, tan, dark, or deep. Each skin tone is either neutral or slightly cool. There is high contrast between the features.

Colors to wear and do makeup with: Deep greens, medium to light purples and pinks/fuschias, light blues, white, and black.

Deep/Dark Winter Colors
Deep/Dark Winter Colors

 Colors to avoid: Golden shades, desaturated colors, and warm browns.

Celebrities: Viola Davis, Lucy Liu, Anne Hathaway

Deep/Dark Winter Celebrities

Great, but does this mean I have to change my whole wardrobe and makeup?

Not at all. The key is to bring your colors closer to your face. So, for sure go ahead and wear all the colors in your wardrobe, but just a neck scarf, or big earrings, or the right color lipstick from your personal color palette will do the trick.

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What if I’m Not a Winter?

Be sure to read our “What’s Your Skin’s Color Season?” to find the best colors for you or take our quick 2-minute quiz to find your color season. 

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