Do you have a ''Beauty Bucket List"?


One Friday evening recently, a bunch of us friends gathered around a coffee table in a living room and everyone started talking about their bucket lists, while playing Gin Rummy, and drinking copious amounts of the card game namesake.

Yes, all the usual suspects were talked about, starting with summiting Mount Everest, moving down to more earthly pursuits like running marathons, to something more creditworthy like buying a house. It did get us thinking though, what would a “beauty bucket list” look like? Will the list be made up of hoarding products off the shelves (assuming unlimited budgets), or would it be more self-led like finding the perfect skin routine?

We thought and thought and decided to put some accessible and some crazy thoughts down. 

  1. Be complimented by a random stranger - That feeling of being told ‘nice shoes!’ or "what gorgeous hair' in a completely appreciative manner by a stranger, while you are walking around minding your own business, is beyond comparison! This unfiltered and unrewarded gesture from anyone would put the pep in our steps and our heads in the clouds. Maybe we could try doing this sometime to someone we see and appreciate their style, or look, or shoes instantly and vocally. If all of us were to do this and pay it forward, the world would be a better place for just that tiny instant! 
  2. Guilt free makeup detox month - We know how much you love makeup, trust us we do. However, wouldn't it be nice to be able to take a month off and go completely au naturel, just to know how that feels? We do think that this could be therapeutic and encourage everyone to try it, just once, maybe for a few weeks, or days, ok maybe just one day a week. Ok let’s hold this thought for a bit and see if it comes back and then we can take a call? Alright fine, a month is too long, let’s do one day in the distant future!
  3. Find that perfect red lipstick - Lets face it, that shade of red we have been lusting after and have not been able to find even after buying an entire catalog worth of lipsticks is causing frustration. What is worse is that some of the lipsticks we have bought look perfect in the store but as soon as we get home and the lighting changes it looks totally off!! One solution that has always worked is the GoPlay LIPSKIT, that can create any colour we want within seconds. And now that there's a personalised version of the LIPSKIT, we'll never go wrong with our reds! 
  4. Learn the art of makeup from a professional - Yes, we have all spent countless hours perfecting that one brush stroke that works only for us. But admit it, we learnt from friends, facebook groups and online tutorials, and it just doesn't cut it. It would be nice to have a professional makeup artist or trainer teach us how to mix colours, create pairing looks and apply that one stroke eyeliner! This is definitely going on our birthday wishlist! 
  5. Be a beauty influencer for one day - We have spent countless hours hanging on every word coming out of the perfectly powdered mouths of our favourite beauty influencers as they tell us what they like and don't like about any particular brand or type of makeup products. We have been wondering how that could happen to us just for one day. To have a million or more people listening to our opinions on a subject so close to our hearts would be such an ego boost. As soon as we know, we will make sure you do too! 
  6. Throw out all that old stuff - I admit. I'm obsessed with makeup. Not that I put a full face of makeup everytime I head out, but I like my pop of colors for that instant 'pick-me-up'. Sadly, in the process of finding these colors and textures, I used to spend half my pay checks on buying products that eventually never got used. What a waste! Now, that I'm an out-and-out GoPlayer and can literally create my personal favorite colors instantly with the LIPSKIT, I have no use for any of those lipsticks i've collected overtime and I know they need to be thrown away. But getting myself to be able to do that is a different story unfortunately. I know it will happen, I know it will be soon, but the guilt of throwing away barely used products is real. You know it! 
  7. Dye your hair a crazy colour - Yes, we know Harley Quinn is the bad guy. Yes, we know we might never be able to pull that style off. But that doesn't mean we don't want that crazy hair colour. We do, oh yes of course we do! 
  8. Bestie Makeup Party - Picture this, all your besties, lots of pizza, lots of Netflix, lots of drinks and an unlimited quantity of makeup that you can go to town with! That, we live to see the light of that party. What an amazing time that will be. Another item to add to the already growing birthday list for 2021. 
  9. Bubbles with bubbly (Champagne and bubble bath) - Maybe we love Margot Robbie too much, but her in the movie ‘The Big Short’, chilling in a bubble bath explaining how mortgage bonds work, while sipping champagne, and a backdrop of the perfect blue ocean gave us an idea of what a luxurious afternoon would look like. What would we not give to spend an afternoon doing just that, in just that setting?
  10. Be more sustainable - A big goal for us at GoPlay has been to bring products to the market that encourage our community to be more conscious of the environment and our impact on the planet. All our products are designed to delight, and then we assess the eco-impact of the entire supply chain and optimise it the best we can. This is our parting thought here. We want us to think about the impact we have on the planet and ensure that our future generations of makeup fanatics are able to enjoy vivid colours in nature, not just in their makeup kits. 

What's on your 'Beauty Bucket List'?

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