6 unique ideas to make this Mother's Day special 😍

GoPlay Cosmetics - Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner and you haven’t planned anything yet? Don’t worry, there are still very special ways to express your gratitude to this incredible women without having to spend on expensive gifts.

Here are our top 6 special and unique ways to bring smile to that gorgeous face:

  1. Cook her favourite dinner

    Even if Moms never seem to complain about it, take it from us, they hate cooking. So if you can take on that responsibility for one night, we’re pretty sure Mom’s going to be pretty happy about it. And while you’re at it, throw in some of her favourite music and candle lights.

  2. Spend a couple of hours browsing old photo albums

    There is something about old albums that suddenly seems to bring the whole family together. Pictures have become digital and it’s probably not romantic to scroll through your phone’s photo album anymore. So if you don’t have actual physical photo albums, try to mirror your digital album on your TV or projector, get a glass of wine, some popcorns maybe, and spend time soaking in the nostalgia with your Mom.

  3. Mother-daughter hair spa day

    This is our favourite way to sneak in a hidden gift for ourselves too >:). A relaxing hair spa day together gossiping about the cousins and neighbours is a perfect way to bond while getting some self care.

  4. Get on a video call and play family trivia

    If you can’t be with your Mom (hate the fr@^&king pandemic!), then setup a time to video call her. If you have kids, then your Mom will definitely want to hear from the little ones first (she still loves you more, don’t worry). Get the whole family together and prepare some family trivia like “Where did we holiday in summer of 2005?” After all, life’s about sweet memories, what else?

  5. Glam up and head out

    Take her out on a mother-daughter date, and spend at least 1 hour before heading out on glamming up. Do her hair and makeup, use the GoPlay LIPSKIT and make custom lip shades for yourself and your mom, (OK that was a shameless product plug-in, but Moms love it, trust us) pick an outfit she won’t usually wear, but looks stunning in, order a fancy cab if you can, and kick start your girls night in style.

  6. Gift her a full body checkup

    As parents get older, a lot of them also tend to take lesser care of themselves. If your Mom resists going to the doctors and is generally ignorant about her health, then a great way to get her to go for that full body check-up is to buy it as a gift for her.

So that’s that - our top 6 ways to make this Mother’s Day special. Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to get creative and make this Mother’s Day more about love and less about gifts :)

Happy Mother’s Day!

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