How to sport a bold lip: Tips and Tricks for Pulling Off that "Perfect Pout"

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Let me guess. You love bold colored lipsticks. But only on others. You think you're just not cutout for it. Your lips are too thin, your skin is not great, you fear getting the 'looks' from people around you. You've tried a bold lip at home ( and probably taken a few selfies), but then mellowed it down with a tissue just before walking out that door.

If you've experienced any of the above, let me tell you, you are not alone.

But guess what, your fear is not about looking odd in a bright color, it's about standing out and getting noticed.

Don't believe me? Let's take up a social experiment. On a day when you're feeling particularly low, apply a nice bold lipstick - not a mellowed down version, but a color that SCREAMS for attention. Red, pink, purple - you pick. Now notice how your walk with more confidence, your posture is better, your voice is stronger and your fears of standing out are all but gone.

Let that thought marinate a bit. When you're convinced you want to take the plunge and go bold, then perfect your technique with the following tips and tricks and confidently sport that bold lip like a pro. 

1. Prep your lips: Before applying your bold lip color, make sure your lips are smooth and moisturized. Exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub or a toothbrush. (The GoPlay organic and edible Coconut Lip scrub is deliciously luscious and perfect to maintain your lip hygiene). Then apply a moisturizing lip balm or just a drop of our Moisture drops. This will ensure that your bold lip color goes on smoothly and evenly.

2. Choose the right color: When it comes to makeup, there is no right or wrong. It's art after all! However, we suggest choosing a color that compliments your skin tone. Even a red, for instance, comes in different tones. One red might make you look like a complete diva, while the other can clash with your overall features and color. It's important to know your skin's color season and undertone. If you're not sure, then take this FREE 2 min quiz to find your color season and get a personalised makeup cheat-sheet delivered to your inbox.

3. Line your lips: This step is important to help your bold lip color not feather on the edges and last all day long! Simply line your lips with a lip pencil one shade darker than your chosen color. In case you don't have the same color, simply use a brownish nude shade which will act as a lip primer. 

If you have the GoPlay LIPSKIT, then simply use your prepared color with a thin lip brush to line your lips. Let it dry for a minute before filling in.

4. Fill those puckers: Fill in your lips with a lip brush. Open up your lips to really get inside all the groves and lines. You don't want any cracks to show against the pop of your lip color.

To really make your bold lip stand out even more, add a touch of shimmer or gloss in the center of your bottom lip. This will give your lips a plump and sexy look! We have two shades of shimmer powders available on our store that perfectly complement a bold lip.

5. Use a setting powder: To make your bold lip color last longer, dust a small amount of translucent setting powder over your lips after applying your lipstick. This will help set the color and prevent smudging or fading.

6. Now for the final touches: A bold lip is best complimented with a no makeup face. Simply use some concealer for your under eye. Mix the same concealer with your favourite moisturiser and apply to the whole face to get that effortless glow. Brush up your brows with a brow gel, fill them in a bit if you have scanty brows. Apply a lot of mascara only to the top-outer corners of your lashes for that 20ies drama. Add a tad bit of red lipstick to your cheeks and bridge of your nose and blend it in, and that it! Your effortless French bold lip look is ready to be flaunted.

6. Confidence is key: The most important thing to remember when wearing a bold lip is to have confidence in yourself. Rock that bold lip color with pride and let your inner diva shine through.

The key thing about this look is that you let your lips do all the talking. The brushed out brows and whimsy eyelash is all you need to reinforce that confidence. There is no need to hide any imperfections. Own your flaws - don't shy away from them.

And the best part about sporting a bold lip like this is that you can literally finish you entire look in less than 5 mins.

We hope these tips help you create the perfect pout and sport the right attitude!

If you're ready to experiment with bold colors, then GoPlay Cosmetics' award winning LIPSKIT is perfect to create ANY look you want. It's sustainable, eco friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. 

If you do try out this bold lip look, we’d love to see you flaunt it on your social media. Tag us @goplaycosmetics so we can share it. We would also love to hear if you felt a difference in your confidence and attitude that day. 

Hope this was worth your time. Stay happy, stay safe. GoPlay!

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