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You should be able to find answers to your questions below, but if you don't please feel free to write to us here or message us on facebook and we'll get back to you within 24 hrs.

Do you ship internationally?

We haven't started international shipping yet, but please subscribe to our newsletter or write to us at and we'll let you know if we can arrange delivery to your address. 

Do you have a retail store?

Not yet. We will, however, be exhibiting at various pop-ups across the country (Singapore). Please subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes. All our products are manufactured in vegan and cruelty-free environment. We are in the process of receiving the PETA cruelty-free and vegan certification, which might take a few months.

How do I use the LIPSKIT?

Please see a demo video here.

How much time does it take to create the lip colors?

Once you assemble the kit, you'll be able to make any color in less than 20 secs. All it needs is a few pumps of the refills, and then the best part - mixing the colors in the jar. That's all there is to it.

Can I reuse my jar containers?

Absolutely. In fact, that is the idea. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Just wipe the jar and the brush clean with a tissue soaked in makeup remover or coconut oil (or even baby oil), and it'll be as good as new for reuse.

How many colors can I make with the LIPSKIT?

The LIPSKIT contains 5 color refills - red, yellow, blue, white and black. You can make endless colors with various combinations of these 5 colors. Of course, you won't be able to get certain colors from the sprecturm such as neons, hot pinks, bright purples etc. But for all practical purposes, you'll be able to make any color you desire.

How can I make the lip colors more moist?

It's super simple. Just add a few drops of our 'Moisture Drops' made from 100% pure organic Jojoba oil to you prepared lip color, and that'll instantly make it more moist and less drying.

What is the feel of these lip colors on lips?

The lip colors are comfortable matté, ultra long-lasting, water-proof and pigmented. However, just like you get the ability to play with colors, our texture transformer 'Moisture Drops' give you the ability to play with textures. You can mix couple of drops of our 'Moisture Drops' to your prepared lip colors, and transform them to moist or even tint!

How long will the LIPSKIT refills last me?

Each of the 5 refills is 5ml (equivalent to full sized liquid lipsticks). So they will last you as long as 5 full sized liquid lipsticks last you. Depends on your usage and how adventurous you get :)

How long will the prepared lip colors last me?

Since each color recipe contains different ratios mix of the 5 refills, it depends on the color you prepare. However, on an average, a color will last you at least 3-4 weeks without drying if prepared in adequate amount. But don't worry, if your prepared color feels like it's drying up, just add a few drops of the 'Moisture Drops' to revive the lip colors.

So the prepared colors will dry up in the jars?

With time, the solvents in the liquid lipstick evaporates and tends to make the colors thicker. If you feel like the color is getting thicker or dry, just add a few drops of 'Moisture Drops' to revive them.

Do you have a patent on the LIPSKIT?

We are in the process of getting a utility patent on the device. It will take a couple of years till the patent is granted.