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Our Story

GoPlay Cosmetics Founder Mugdha  Hedaoo

GoPlay Cosmetics stands on 3 strong brand pillars:

  • On Demand Beauty
  • Personalisation
  • Sustainability

Our story started with a house move. When our makeup fanatic founder, Mugdha Hedaoo (Pictured above with her innovation - the LIPSKIT), was moving homes, she came upon the unsettling realisation that two of her five boxes of personal effects were filled with makeup products! The accumulation of cosmetics was gradual and over many years but she was shocked at how much it really added up to. And then came the worse realisation that most of her cosmetics were completely unused or rarely used. The amount of time, money and space consumed by this was, to her, a complete waste. And then dawned the environmental impact of her lifestyle. She felt she was not alone in her problem. 

Zero Waste Week reports that over 120 billion units of packaging are produced by the global cosmetics industry every year. This includes plastic bottles, containers and cardboard covers. And then add all the unused beauty products that live with you for a few years before you throw them away with a heavy heart. Imagine all of this waste going to the landfills each year! Shocked?

Well, this did not in any manner mean that her love for makeup was going anywhere. It just meant that the old ways were not working anymore. So she took it upon herself to be the change.

Mugdha got started with speaking to other women to understand their pain points and came to the conclusion that she was on the right path. She went on the drawing board and used her engineering skills to come up with different ideas of how makeup could be more sustainable. Having dabbled in arts before, she also knew that any colour of the spectrum can be created with the basic red-yellow-blue combination. She went through over a year of research and development, multiple iterations and prototypes, many many rounds of feedback and finally launched GoPlay Cosmetics with her pilot product - a handy DIY lip color kit, the LIPSKIT. 

LIPSKIT is a revolutionary product in every sense of the word. The LIPSKIT contains cartridges of vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free colors, that help you conveniently create any lip color in any amount in reusable jars, so you won't have to buy full sized lipsticks of colors that you probably won't be using much of. So now you have the freedom to create that perfect colour, without the need to go through multiple shopping trips, hours spent on online purchases or buying stuff that is just not there!

Our vision is to extend the same flexibility of use and access to limitless possibilities in every vertical of makeup including eye colors, blushes and foundations.

We hope that you will enjoy our products and be a part of the small movement we have initiated towards a personalised, sustainable future!

Our desire to express ourselves through makeup should not cost us the earth.