GoPlay Cosmetics - not your average beauty brand.

Why GoPlay Cosmetics


To understand why GoPlay is not 'your average beauty brand', let's first understand, 

What's 'your average beauty brand'?

'Your average beauty brand' generally uses the following 4-step approach to profitability:

1. Identify markets with increasing disposable incomes,

2. Create demand in these markets via celebrity endorsements and/or promoting their ethnicities on international beauty platforms such as 'Miss Universe' etc., 

3. Capitalise on this demand by producing mass volumes of highly attractive products at lower costs. A majority of the cost is towards packaging ('fluff' as we like to call it), the ingredient making up less than 10% of the actual cost, and finally,

4. Scale rapidly by introducing 'Seasonal Collections' or 'Limited Edition Packagings' that make the previous collections obsolete, thus creating FOMO and repeat demand from their target audiences.

When you put the above in perspective, it's not difficult  to see that 'your average beauty brand' is actually in the business of packaging, and not of the product itself.

Now consider this - Only 1 out of 8 makeup products bought is actually used. The rest 7 are rarely or never used. That's a wastage of 87% of time and money for consumers.

Let's zoom out from consumers and look at the ecosystem. Every time a new 'seasonal collection' is launched, unsold inventory of the previous mass-produced collection is taken out - wasted. Even if the brands marketed their packaging as recyclable, in reality, less than 9% of recyclable plastics are known to be actually recycled. The rest find their way to the landfills. Packaging for cosmetics accounts for 18 million acres of deforestation annually.

Let's take another step back and look at the larger impact. Products are manufactured in bulk in a factory and shipped out globally. For each container shipped out, only 13% is actually used by end consumer. 87% of the weight carried around the world is a complete waste - 87% wasted carbon footprint!

Let that sink in. Think about it the next time you're tempted to buy makeup because the packaging looks 'Oh so beautiful'.

So what makes GoPlay Cosmetics different?

We realised that a majority of wastage in the makeup industry comes from mass-produced, seasonal releases which are manufactured centrally and shipped out globally.

We also realised that consumers are surrounded with inspirations and we need to equip them with tools to experiment, but without having to resort to manufacturing huge quantities of 'one-size-fits-all' products that would eventually be wasted.

So we created world's first on-demand makeup kits that let you create any color you want within seconds.

Because the mixing happens at the consumer's end, we managed to distill our production to just 5 colors. Because the mixing happens at the consumer's end, we can still release new color recipes of 'seasonal collections' that the consumer creates with the same kit. Because the mixing happens at the consumer's end, 87% of wastage of money, time and carbon footprint is nullified.

So what makes GoPlay Cosmetics different from the 'average makeup brand'? When you switch to GoPlay, you're switching to 87% lesser wastage - not just of your money and time, but also of environmental impact.

Oh, and did we mention, GoPlay products are 100% Vegan, not tested on animals, are made with only the best quality ingredients and are mask-proof!

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