10 easy ways to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly

Eco friendly beauty routine - 10 easy steps - GoPlay Cosmetics


"Start small, think big. Don’t worry about too many things at once. Take a handful of simple things to begin with, and then progress to more complex ones. Think about not just tomorrow, but the future. Put a ding in the universe."



Cue the lights, music, and animal print…

Okay, now that we have your attention, let's talk about how to go green when it comes to your beauty duties. Beauty routines are an essential part of our lives now, but, unfortunately, they can have a significant impact on the environment. From the packaging of products to the chemicals they contain, beauty routines can be a source of pollution and waste. But, you don't really have to sacrifice on glamming up to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. There are hacks that can help you be more earth-friendly while enjoying your colors! It's easier than you might think.

As Steve Jobs once said, don't worry about too many things at once, simply start with what you have, but most importantly, start. 

Before we start, though, it's important to note that none of the following tips will ensure you're not destroying the planet. As long as we 'consume' we take away from the planet. There are a lot of factors beyond our individual control that make fighting climate change a group effort. But these small changes to your beauty routine will help you make better choices.

Here are our 10 easy tips for making your beauty routine more earth-friendly:

1. Support local and small businesses: Buying from local and small businesses not only supports your community, but it also reduces the environmental impact of transportation.

2. Try using multi-purpose products: Using one product that can be used for multiple purposes, will reduce the amount of products you need to buy. GoPlay LIPSKIT, for instance, is made with EWG green grade ingredients that are safe to be used on your entire face, including eyes.

3. Make your own fun products at home: Not only will you save money by making your own products, you'll also know exactly what you're putting on your skin. Plus, you can customise the color and texture to your liking. Using the GoPlay LIPSKIT with add-ons such as moisture drops, shimmer powders etc. you can make your DIY journey fun and easy. 

4. Reuse containers and bottles: There are so many great, reusable options out there! Use bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel razor blades and bamboo makeup brushes. For hair styling tools, try boar bristle brushes or ceramic flat irons. Small empty cosmetic container also make the best jewellery organisers.

5. Ditch single-use makeup wipes and cotton rounds: These items are not only bad for the environment, but they can also be harsh on your skin. Instead, opt for makeup remover balms and creams. GoPlay's Makeup Be Gone zero-waste makeup remover balm is highly-rated customer favorite that takes off even the most stubborn makeup while being gentle and hydrating on your skin. 

6. Avoid microbeads: Many exfoliating scrubs and body washes contain microbeads (or microplastics), which are tiny plastic beads that can end up in our oceans and harm marine life. Look for natural exfoliants like sugar or sea salt instead.

7. Use up all of the product before throwing it away: Don't let anything go down the drain or into a landfill before you're sure it's empty!

8. Purchase products from companies that prioritize sustainability: Look for companies that have environmental and ethical policies in place and are transparent about their production process. GoPlay Cosmetics is certified plastic-neutral, which means we recycle the same amount of plastic that goes into all of our products.

9. Invest in a safety razor: Traditional disposable razors create a lot of waste. Instead, invest in a safety razor that can be used for months or even years with replaceable blades.

10. Be vary of using products containing mica: Mica is a mineral that is commonly used in cosmetics and makeup products as a shimmering or glittering ingredient. It is often extracted from mines in developing countries, where labor is cheaper and regulations may be less strict. Some mines are known to use child labor, and the mining process can damage the local ecosystem. Not just that, because mica is mined, there are possibilities of contamination by lead and other heavy metals that are harmful to us.

There are more ethical alternatives to mica, such as synthetic mica (Fluorophlogopite) made in labs. It does not involve mining and has low to no chances of contamination. GoPlay Cosmetics uses only the highest quality lab made synthetic mica in all its products. 

By making small changes to your beauty routine, you can easy reduce the environmental impact of your choices. Not only will you be doing your part to protect the environment, but you will also be using products that are better for your skin and overall health.



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