13 DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas Using Only What You Have No Costumes Required!

Halloween Makeup looks - no costume

It’s Spooktober, and as Halloween creeps ever closer, it’s your chance to bring out the inner makeup artist in you. Whether you are looking to glam it up or go ghostly, we’ve curated a list of 13 makeup trends to help you say BOO this Halloween season. The terrifyingly easy makeup ideas featured on this list don’t require a lot of time nor an expansive budget; just a penchant for some horrific fun, and a little elbow grease is all you need. So what are you waiting for? Get your spook on!

  1. Goth

First on our list, is a classic. A staple Halloween aesthetic, the Goth look was inspired from early punk rock in the ‘80s. You can easily recreate the look using eyeshadow, eyeliner and a little creative mascara.  


  1. Possessed Princess

The Possessed Princess look is a striking juxtaposition between the innocent beauty of a princess crossed over with a terrifying demon. A layered Halloween makeup style, it manages to really stand out while being relatively easy to achieve. 


  1. Pop Art!

Bright and bubbly, Pop Art is a fantastic excuse to whip out those vibrant shades and glosses you have tucked away. The signature dotted style, strong contours and the chic retro aesthetic is sure to set you apart on the spookiest day of the year. 


  1. Sequin Sea Queen

With beautiful schools of aquatic life, colourful corals and shimmering ocean light, the seas are brimming with inspiration. Mermaids, mystical ladies of the deep blue have long since captured our imagination. Colourful eyeshadow, lipstick and sequins for scales go a long way here.


  1. Ghastly Ghoul

One of the scariest makeup looks, the Ghastly Ghoul uses only two colours to create a spine chilling effect. Built up from a solid white base, with creative use of black eye shadow, mascara and deathly black lipstick palette, this Halloween makeup is truly terrifying when done right. 


  1. Full Moon

It emerges only under the light of a full moon, it’s howl piercing through the night sky, sending tremors down the back of any that hears it. Werewolves have long since been a part of folklore and what better way to celebrate them than with a Halloween makeup look on the day. Even better, they can be as fearsome or as cute as you’d like!


  1. Facepaint

With Facepainting, the only limit is your creativity. From colourful caricatures to abstract art and everything in between, Halloween facepaint allows you to be whoever ( or whatever ) you want to be, if only for a night. For inspiration, look no further than one of our patrons, @beastieboya. She used GoPlay Cosmetics for her Halloween makeup to create a look we are absolutely in awe with.


  1. It’s a Pirate’s Life

The rulers of the seven seas, these swashbuckling adventurers have captured our hearts desire for exploration and treasure since forever. With their dusty tans, ruffled clothing and smokey eyes, Pirates have an allure to them, not unlike an outlaw. If you like shouting, “Aaargh Matey” and are looking for easy Halloween makeup looks to pull off, then this is the one for you!


  1. ButterEyes

With the pandemic still a very prevalent part of our lives, Halloween makeup opportunities can be somewhat limited by our masks. However, there is still plenty we can do with our eyes! Butterfly eyes were all the trend this year on TikTok, why not take them to the next level this Halloween with full makeup looks based off of it?


  1. Clownin’ Around

Move over Harley Quinn, there’s a new Joker in town! With the release of the new Joker movie, Joaquin Phoenix's interpretation of the infamous character has gained quite the following. Even better, his clown makeup style is actually quite easy to pull off!


  1. CyberPunk

While it may be a more niche aesthetic than the ones above, it is not short on style. This sci-fi inspired look is sure to make you stand out from the usual costumes. Using minimal lines, clean makeup and face crystals for rivets, this Halloween makeup is one of our favourite trends this year.


  1. Abra Kadabra!

Witches are a Halloween staple, and for good reason. Instantly recognizable, is an easy Halloween makeup to pull off and when done right, can put quite the spell on the occasion. 


  1. Mystical Masquerade

Inviting mystery and romance, the Halloween makeup look requires only some liquid eyeliner and a little patience to create a truly mesmerizing ballroom mask.


Halloween is one of our favourite holidays, if not for the sole reason that we get to experiment new looks with makeup. Feel free to get carried away, go a little wild on the big day, and use a few of the new products you pick up for a little extra oomph all year long.

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Happy Halloween, GoPlayers!

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