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A must have lipkit

Wow, no need to buy more lipsticks... we can create lip color of our choice to match every occasion or mood. I am super happy and even the delivery was fast too!!!!

The shipping was great

The lipstick maker is really cute and fun to play with

I haven’t tried this out yet but I’m so so excited. The packaging is so pretty and I can’t wait to play with this

I love this set and I have bought multiples so I don’t run out because I like to be crafty and make so many different colors for me and my daughter

All received as ordered

Navidium Shipping Protection

Love these little pots - the built in lip brush is super convenient and the pots are easy to clean. Nice and handy to keep a few colours ready to go!


I love this set. Me and my daughter enjoy making lipsticks. I actually have had people at my job compliment my color lipsticks I have made. 2 in one day so this is a great investment if u have a hard time finding lip colors u like.

Give Yourself Time to Experiment

Step 1. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! Warming up the tubes is a must but over-warming can cause too much color to come out and mess up your formula. Experiment in your free time and you'll be able to pump out custom colors on the fly. Change your outfit, change your lip color.

So cool!

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I love the fact that I can create ANY lipstick color I want. I am a fan of "unusual" lipstick colors. Your lip kit is so easy to use and create unique lipstick. I also like that you can create other makeup, not just lipstick!

Great Variety

I love that I can get a set with my base colors and then add on other refills to widen my color choices. I bought the cool set and bought the purple and warm red singles.


love being able to add simmers into my custom lip shades... i have always wanted to able to do this.

Love the versatility

This kit lets me finally make every deep shade of lipstick that my gothy heart wants and can never find

Love them

The purple gives so much range to the standard colors. 100% a necessity for this set

Love it

Love being able to customise lipstick shades and I love being able to add shimmer to them! It’s so easy too.

Bought as a gift and used

I bought LIPSKIT as a gift for my fiance for Christmas. She did enjoy it and said it was a neat beauty tool. She has had fun making and trying out new lipstick shades with it. She also likes the webpage tool that allows you to upload a picture and tells you the formula to make that specific color. In conclusion I feel that this is a good purchase and worth the money it cost.

Love it

Love it

Zero-waste makeup remover balm

This product is perfect! It does exactly what it states in the title. Highly recommend.

The perfect gift for my lipstick-loving sister who likes to try out new colors

Works Great

This spatula works perfectly with the mixing container. The silicon is perfectly flexible!

Love this kit!

I was very surprised at how good this kit is! I’ve made so many beautiful colors and feel like I’ll never need to buy another lipstick as long as I can make my own colors at home! The hydrating drops make the formula the perfect consistency when I’m not feeling a matte finish. Only downside is it can be a little messy but I mean that makes sense, we’re mixing pigments to make lipsticks soooo. Overall 10/10!

I gave 4 Lipkits for christmas and it was a hit!

My family members really loved it. I tried to get something that would not only be useful but fun for them for christmas. The appeal of making your own lipstick in shades that will be flattering is great for any makeup lover. It's also more cost-effective than other similar products on the market, with refills that are reasonably priced, and additionals I do not see how you could go wrong. I can't wait to pick myself up a lipskit.

Pleased with purchase

Bought lipstik making kit -she loved it !! At 12 yr of age , and a up and coming make up guru-it was perfect for her !!!

so much fun

I love this, it is easy to use, just make sure the creams are warmed up. We need a chart with more color recipes please. Also the color stains very well. I woke up with it still on and I even washed my face. Good stuff.