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LIPSKIT - DIY lipstick machine Sale -13%
    GoPlay Cosmetics - Bronze shimmer Powder - Synthetic Mica Sale -26%
    GoPlay Cosmetics LIPSKIT Red-Warm(Original) Bullet Sale -16%
    GoPlay Cosmetics - LIPSKIT Bullets bundle of 5 Sale -2%
      GoPlay Cosmetics - Zero Waste best makeup remover balm Sale -21%
        GoPlay Cosmetics - Edible Organic Coconut lip scrub Sale -21%
          Based on 58 reviews
          Great product, small brush

          The product is small and compact, bit I think the brush that comes with it is small.


          Good but must wait more time.

          Super Saver Bundle (Pre-order)
          Francis Valera Valera

          My wife loves it so much

          Awesome and Fantastic!

          I am really impressed! You can combine everything by yourself. You can choose the color, the glitter, the shine, this product is fantastic. I am so happy with my purchase and the team replied so quick to my questions. My order came so quick and its just lovely! THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME PRODUCT!

          best lipstick ever

          variety of color which you like and match your style, plus good price, texture of the lipstick is very good too

          Super luscious

          This lip scrub is an exfoliant with just the right texture. It leaves my lips so soft, pink and moisturised.

          Coconut Lip Scrub - Organic & edible

          Super Saver Bundle (Pre-order)
          Jessica Leverett-Diab

          Customer service was amazing! I added on to my order after placed and before it shipped. They were very helpful and amazing! The product came and I am in love!

          Very unique and versatile product!

          Love the idea behind it!! Very time, money and space saving and lets you be creative!
          Love it!

          This Makeup Remover is magic

          GoPlay's makeup remover has become now become my favourite must-haves. It's super gentle and hydrating, yet takes out toughest of the makeup (and those glue like mascaras) with just a little massage. I love that I don't waste cotton pads or need to rub my face till it turns red to take my makeup off.

          I love my LIPSKIT!

          The LIPSKIT is exactly what a makeup lover like me needs. I've been making so many amazing colors and getting so many compliments. I also like that I'm not spending mindlessly on buying new colors, and instead make them myself in the cute reusable pots.

          Highly recommend. You won't regret it.

          I'm obsessed

          This product is so fun! I love mixing custom lip color and have been recreating some of my favorite discontinued lip colors. However I've also been using this to make liquid eyeshadows and mixing the pigments into my foundations to help them match better. This product is so versatile and im obsessed with it. I honestly think owning this product will help prevent me from buying new products in the future.

          I love your product!

          I love your product!

          Both the concept and execution is great. Just a few areas for improvement

          - the bullets could be much better secured. Because there’s a tendency for them to fall off with a slight tilt
          - longer brushes since using the shorter ones to mix becomes a little messy
          - the amount of each pump could be more consistent

          Otherwise, I enjoy it immensely.

          Love my lipkit

          I love the go play lipkit it awesome I made many good colors and they look so cool and so beautiful I think this is the best product ever.❤❤❤❤❤

          Creative and Fun

          This is such a fun and creative way to make a fresh look. The shimmers are so pretty and a nice add on whether to lips or eyes it's a great finishing touch if you want to add some sparkle

          So Unique & So Fun

          What an amazing Brand. GoPlay Cosmetics is the right now. My first experience with customizable lipstick and it was so fun and creative. I love being different and this is a great way to match any color and style . Super easy to do and ultra handy with the individual containers for your custom shades. Great quality pigments. They also cover every aspect from lip scrubs to shimmers which were equally amazing. So whether you're a novice or a make up artist or somewhere in between this is perfect for you.

          LIPSKIT Bullet
          Colleen Lowrie
          Great product - really fun!

          I bought this product after seeing it on youtube. I love this! The formula is really good and it's fun mixing whatever color I want. I got this for me and my mother to play with and she liked it so much she bought one for her sister as a birthday gift (she ALSO loved it!). Also there was a slight issue with my order and the company was very kind about making it right.

          Silky smooth remover

          Quite possibly the best remover on the market. Get a little on your finger, rub it on your lips then wipe it off. Leaves your lips smooth and clean.

          Such an awesome product!!

          My Sister and I love lipsticks!! She likes to go out of the box with bold colors so this was the perfect gift for her! I love the endless colors you can create

          Best purchase ever.

          The colours you can create are almost unlimited and it stays on your lips all day long! I love the lipskit soooo much dont think i will ever use another lipstick again. I would give this more than 5 stars if i could!

          Brilliant, innovative, and ethical

          I was so excited to learn about the YSL lipstick printer and quickly was disappointed to learn that there were only 3 colors in a cartridge “set” , you can only use the set colors together (no mixing and matching), and there was no black or white. On that journey I learned about the other lipstick mixer, The Lipskit!! Not only does it allow you to mix whatever colors together, it has black and white to lighten and darken! Was skeptical of the formula at first but it doesn’t dry or crack and I love the shimmer add ons! My lipsticks are out of control and I have so many I’ve never opened or used once; I love how sustainable and eco friendly this product is. On the other side, the company customer service has been SO wonderful and prompt in replying to concerns or questions, the shipping was very quick considering it’s coming from Singapore to US (6 days from order placed in late afternoon to doorstep). Had a delivery hiccup (not GoPlays fault!) and they were so quick to put in a ticket with the courier; luckily it was delivered to a neighbor who brought it home. So so happy with this product and this company that puts customers first. Not to mention it’s a superior product to the YSL at a fraction of the price!! Love love love!! Thanks GoPlay!!

          A dream come true

          As a MUA, I carry countless tubes of lip product in my kit, but with the Lipskit 2.0 I know I will always have the perfect color! As well as extra room in my kit for other products!!! Thank you❣️❣️❣️

          Just BUY IT!

          This customizable lip kit is incredible! Long wear comfortable matte formula! Easy to adjust the finish with the moisture drops! Also purchased the gold metallic powder! The possibilities are endless! Such an innovative product! Great for makeup enthusiasts! The color pallette is perfect to mix ANY COLOR! So impressed with the quality!! JUST BUY IT! You'll love it!

          Love it

          Alway love the idea of personalizing your own lipstick color and surprisingly found out that it is still quit long-lasting even with the moisture drops. If possible, coming along with a longer mixing brush is a good idea coz even though the pots and brush is cute, I always make it quit messy when mixing the color.

          Perfect and so funny

          I love making my own Color’s lipstick. I have 1 thing the lip brush is very short I have big fingers and is not easy to work with a small brush . I use my own lipbrush to mix the colors.