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GoPlay Cosmetics - Texture transforming Moisture Drops - Lip Oil Sale -18%
    GoPlay Cosmetics - Zero Waste best makeup remover balm Sale -20%
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        Based on 70 reviews
        Absolutely amazing

        Not only the product is amazing but also the support made me feel welcomed. The product is absolutely stunning, my girlfriend wont stop making colors and trying them out, they also last long! Amazing experience and product, will definitely purchase again!

        Love this product!!!

        This is great! it’s fun making my own colors and feels great on. The pigment is great and the color lasts longer than my regular lipsticks.


        I love that I can feel creative and experiment with different shades on whim. I love the matte texture- I only wish it was less transferrable.

        Rlly good

        a lil mess up, but still loved the product

        Love this! Get to play makeup creator!

        I am having a great time using my shade maker. It is fun but also gives insight into color theory! There are endless possibilities. Definitely will reload when the time comes!


        Love the options for custom lipstick

        Love it

        On my first try, I’ve already formulated a nearly perfect color for myself. This thing is so fun to play with and I love the shades that I’ve created so far.

        LIPSKIT Bullet
        Francesca Ludovico
        Great idea

        I enjoy the product it’s a great idea and I wish you continue make more products 😊

        I absolutely totally loved it!

        ❤️❤️❤️ I am a big diy fan so for someone like me, this is beyond perfect. Not only the actual concept but also the details, the little container boxes, each with their own little brush, the mixing oil 💖💖💖 I don’t use the shade card and the app, I prefer to just mix and play on my own. The staying power of the lipsticks is also very good I was surprised it was not gone after half hour of swimming

        Super Saver Bundle
        Serena Rodriguez

        Love it!!

        Great product, small brush

        The product is small and compact, bit I think the brush that comes with it is small.


        Good but must wait more time.

        Super Saver Bundle
        Francis Valera Valera

        My wife loves it so much

        Awesome and Fantastic!

        I am really impressed! You can combine everything by yourself. You can choose the color, the glitter, the shine, this product is fantastic. I am so happy with my purchase and the team replied so quick to my questions. My order came so quick and its just lovely! THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME PRODUCT!

        best lipstick ever

        variety of color which you like and match your style, plus good price, texture of the lipstick is very good too

        Coconut Lip Scrub - Organic & edible
        Super luscious

        This lip scrub is an exfoliant with just the right texture. It leaves my lips so soft, pink and moisturised.

        Coconut Lip Scrub - Organic & edible

        Coconut Lip Scrub - Organic & edible

        Super Saver Bundle
        Jessica Leverett-Diab

        Customer service was amazing! I added on to my order after placed and before it shipped. They were very helpful and amazing! The product came and I am in love!

        Very unique and versatile product!

        Love the idea behind it!! Very time, money and space saving and lets you be creative!
        Love it!

        This Makeup Remover is magic

        GoPlay's makeup remover has become now become my favourite must-haves. It's super gentle and hydrating, yet takes out toughest of the makeup (and those glue like mascaras) with just a little massage. I love that I don't waste cotton pads or need to rub my face till it turns red to take my makeup off.

        I love my LIPSKIT!

        The LIPSKIT is exactly what a makeup lover like me needs. I've been making so many amazing colors and getting so many compliments. I also like that I'm not spending mindlessly on buying new colors, and instead make them myself in the cute reusable pots.

        Highly recommend. You won't regret it.

        I'm obsessed

        This product is so fun! I love mixing custom lip color and have been recreating some of my favorite discontinued lip colors. However I've also been using this to make liquid eyeshadows and mixing the pigments into my foundations to help them match better. This product is so versatile and im obsessed with it. I honestly think owning this product will help prevent me from buying new products in the future.

        I love your product!

        I love your product!

        Both the concept and execution is great. Just a few areas for improvement

        - the bullets could be much better secured. Because there’s a tendency for them to fall off with a slight tilt
        - longer brushes since using the shorter ones to mix becomes a little messy
        - the amount of each pump could be more consistent

        Otherwise, I enjoy it immensely.

        Love my lipkit

        I love the go play lipkit it awesome I made many good colors and they look so cool and so beautiful I think this is the best product ever.❤❤❤❤❤

        Creative and Fun

        This is such a fun and creative way to make a fresh look. The shimmers are so pretty and a nice add on whether to lips or eyes it's a great finishing touch if you want to add some sparkle