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What's Makeup Made Of?

Clean Makeup Decoded

Chemicals in beauty products have received a lot of bad press recently, and tons of 'organic' and 'clean' brands are popping up every day piggy-backing on this trend.  Unfortunately, most of these brands resort to green washing.  Many claim that they only produce "Clean Makeup", but a glance at their ingredients will prove that this is little more than marketing jargon. Many who claim their products are 'Organic', unless they are USDA certified, they're likely to have heavy metal, lead, growth hormones etc. in their fertilisers and manure.

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Do you have a ''Beauty Bucket List"?

One Friday evening recently, a bunch of us friends gathered around a coffee table in a living room and everyone started talking about their bucket lists, while playing Gin Rummy, and drinking copious amounts of the card game namesake. Yes, all the usual suspects were talked about, starting with summiting Mount Everest, moving down to more earthly pursuits like running marathons, to something more creditworthy like buying a house. It did get us thinking though, what would a “beauty bucket list” look like?

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6 unique ideas to make this Mother's Day special 😍

Mother’s Day is around the corner and you haven’t planned anything yet? Don’t worry, there are still very special ways to express your gratitude to this incredible women without having to spend on expensive gifts. Here are our top 6 special and unique ways to bring smile to that gorgeous face: Cook her favourite dinner Even if Moms never seem to complain about it, take it from us, they hate cooking. So if you can take on that responsibility for one night, we’re pretty sure Mom’s going to be pretty happy about it. And while you’re at it, throw in some of her favourite music and candle lights. Spend a couple of hours browsing old photo albums There is something...

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