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The Environmental Cost of Looking Good

Escalating environmental shifts and global warming made the environmentalists call out the beauty industry. Did they do the right thing? Glamour! Beauty! Allure! Razzle-Dazzle! These are words that come to mind when we think of the beauty and fashion industry. And it is just how it should be. Millions of new aspiring makeup artists, skincare specialists, beauty pageants, and social media influencers play their part in promoting sometimes unrealistic standards of beauty to the world at large.

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What's Makeup Made Of?

Clean Makeup Decoded

Chemicals in beauty products have received a lot of bad press recently, and tons of 'organic' and 'clean' brands are popping up every day piggy-backing on this trend.  Unfortunately, most of these brands resort to green washing.  Many claim that they only produce "Clean Makeup", but a glance at their ingredients will prove that this is little more than marketing jargon. Many who claim their products are 'Organic', unless they are USDA certified, they're likely to have heavy metal, lead, growth hormones etc. in their fertilisers and manure.

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GoPlay Cosmetics - not your average beauty brand.

When you put the above in perspective, it's not difficult  to see that 'your average beauty brand' is actually in the business of packaging, and not of the product itself. Now consider this - Only 1 out of 8 makeup products bought is actually used. The rest 7 are rarely or never used. That's a wastage of 87% of time and money for consumers.

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