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What's your skin's 'Color Season'?

Close your eyes, and imagine it's spring. Spring like from the story books. Bright, colorful, pleasantly warm. Do you see the colors? These are Spring colors.  Now do the same for winter, autumn and summer. You'll notice how you imagine blues, whites and blacks for winter, rusty muted colors for autumn and blues and cool yellows for summer. As you start to look around, you'll find more and more color patterns in nature. Some colors occur together naturally and looks like they are in perfect harmony - almost completing each other.  What does this have to do with makeup, you ask? Read on...

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Do you have a ''Beauty Bucket List"?

One Friday evening recently, a bunch of us friends gathered around a coffee table in a living room and everyone started talking about their bucket lists, while playing Gin Rummy, and drinking copious amounts of the card game namesake. Yes, all the usual suspects were talked about, starting with summiting Mount Everest, moving down to more earthly pursuits like running marathons, to something more creditworthy like buying a house. It did get us thinking though, what would a “beauty bucket list” look like?

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Why we decided to go on Kickstarter

Photo Credit: Aline Vian LISPKIT 2.0 will launch on Kickstarter on July 20th, 8am EST. Sign up here to get exclusive access to early bird offers. GoPlay Cosmetics was born out of a simple desire to declutter the massive piles of makeup that accumulate over time. The sight of boxes full of products that I would never use again was unnerving at best, and at worst left me feeling guilty about all the money and effort I had put into bringing them home over time. It was this realisation of guilt and then the following decision to do something about it that has changed the course of my life. I spoke to many makeup lovers and found that this was a problem that...

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6 unique ideas to make this Mother's Day special 😍

Mother’s Day is around the corner and you haven’t planned anything yet? Don’t worry, there are still very special ways to express your gratitude to this incredible women without having to spend on expensive gifts. Here are our top 6 special and unique ways to bring smile to that gorgeous face: Cook her favourite dinner Even if Moms never seem to complain about it, take it from us, they hate cooking. So if you can take on that responsibility for one night, we’re pretty sure Mom’s going to be pretty happy about it. And while you’re at it, throw in some of her favourite music and candle lights. Spend a couple of hours browsing old photo albums There is something...

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The evolution of lipstick

High society could not get enough of the lipstick magic and Queen Elizabeth I was a known devotee of the rouge. She had her own personalised shades and is said to be the first person to ever use a lip pencil. She believed in the magic to the extent to have thought it could ward off illness and the ‘evil eye’. This love trickled down to her court and then to the common people, with everyone racing to outdo each other to look their best. What else but lipstick could possibly complete the look when powdered wigs, lace collars, painted nails and exotic colourful silks were all the rage? This love affair with the lipstick ended with Queen Victoria who...

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