The 12 Color Seasons: Spring and its Subsets

Springs are warm-toned, meaning gold jewelry looks better on them than platinum or silver. Their eyes are light to medium in darkness and are usually shades like clear blue, bright green, hazel, or light grey. Springs have a sort of golden aura to them.

The 12 Color Seasons: Summer and its Subsets

People that are the summer color season often look better in silver jewelry than gold and have medium to light hair in colors such as medium ashy brown, light ashy blonde, or dark ash brown; notice a pattern? All summers have ashy-colored hair. Summers will also have light to medium eyes, such as light grey, green, grey-brown, grey hazel, blue, or light blue; almost all summers have grey undertones to their eyes. Most summers, overall, are cooler-toned and slightly muted.

The 12 Color Seasons: Winter and its Subsets

Winters are cool-toned to neutral with medium to dark eyes like blue, icy hazel, brown, dark brown, or black, and hair colors such as dark brown, black-brown, and black. The winter color season skin tones are cool, like fair, light, medium, tan, dark, and deep. Winters will usually have a much higher level of contrast between their features than the other color seasons. Many people of color fall into the winter color season. 

The 12 Color Seasons: Autumn and its Subsets

People with the general autumn color season have darker, warmer eyes in colors like olive green, hazel, amber, golden brown, and occasionally dark chocolate brown. You may also have slightly greyish eyes. Their skin tones are also warmer, meaning that gold jewelry pops against their bodies, but silver makes them look a little washed out.

What's your skin's 'Color Season'?

Close your eyes, and imagine it's spring. Spring like from the story books. Bright, colorful, pleasantly warm. Do you see the colors? These are Spring colors.  Now do the same for winter, autumn and summer. You'll notice how you imagine blues, whites and blacks for winter, rusty muted colors for autumn and blues and cool yellows for summer. As you start to look around, you'll find more and more color patterns in nature. Some colors occur together naturally and looks like they are in perfect harmony - almost completing each other.  What does this have to do with makeup, you ask? Read on...